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Purchase one license of Statman Football for the regular price of $50 (less for returning customers). The purchased copy is copyrighted as Statman Football by Andrew Brady, and may not be resold. Additionally, Statman Football may not be reproduced for reasons other than personal or team use.

After submitting your information, you will be given instructions on how to make payment*.   You will be able to download the program after payment.  You can choose the season stats version or the single game (media) version (or both) for download.  Each comes with Integrated Coachstats, HUDL Data File, MaxPreps export feature and the Offensive Line grading file.

If you are not satisfied with this product within 30 days, please let me know with a brief explanation and I will refund the purchase price.


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*Standard service includes a error review for each game, any necessary fixes of the game file, suggestions for recording your next game, and a single submission to MaxPreps. Additional services, such as multiple resubmissions of game files, would be available at a per instance price. Note: You can add the service plan or contact us about individual game service any point during the season

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I accept personal, school or business check (or money order, cashier's check). You can pay online using Venmo* or Paypal* (use this option if you prefer to use a credit card).

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Referral Program:
With virtually no advertising budget, many of my new sales are generated by word-of-mouth.  To encourage more of this, I will offer a free upgrade to next year's Statman if you refer a colleague to my program.  Simply have them enter your name in the comment section of the order form and I will make a note on your account to give you a free upgrade.  In addition, I will refund $5 for any referral beyond the first.