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Automated Football Stats Program

Statman Football - 2021 is here!

Check below for 2021 updates, a detailed description of my program, many samples of input/output, take a trial run, or go directly to the ordering form.

Statman 2021 includes the following upgrades:
Statman has a partnership with MaxPreps! MaxPreps
Statman continues its partnership with the leader in prep statistics! A popular feature that allows you to simply click a button to convert your player stats into a file that can be downloaded to Max Preps. Of the 57 stats that MaxPreps allows, Statman tracks 55 as part of the program. One of the remaining two (pancake blocks) can be tracked on an accompanying file for Offensive Line Grading. The other (safeties) is not really an official individual defensive player statistic - but you can still track it manually if you choose.

Statman is compatible with HUDL! hudl
Statman continues to offer an easy solution for loading detailed play data into the HUDL video coaching program. Users of HUDL can open a workbook that contains the play information imported from Statman. You can marry those game plays to additional coaching information: personnel, play calls, formations, motions, and defense (front, blitz, converage). Then, a click of a button will convert the joined data to a single Excel workbook that can be exported to HUDL.

Statman is on Facebook! facebook
Join our Facebook group to discuss all things Statman with fellow users. You can see news and updates, ask questions, get advice and tips, or just talk football.

As usual, Statman Football contains a schedule/results procedure, multiple report printing, efficient stats output, season stats capability, tons of offensive stats options, detailed special teams stats, an optional defensive stats section, complete play-by-play (with drive summaries), a scoring summary, drive charts, and much more!  These changes will continue to allow users to achieve maximum output with minimum input. The premise of Statman has remained the same since its inception in 2001 ... entering basic play-by-play information into an Excel spreadsheet to achieve detailed statistics in report or html form.

Statman was designed by an experienced football statistician and proficient spreadsheet developer to be used with Excel software.  But, regardless of your Excel skill level, you will find Statman to be user-friendly, thorough, and accurate.  The detailed, yet concise reports can easily be disseminated on the world wide web or simply printed out on the spot.  A live game summary page can be run on an extra monitor(s) in the press box!  Charts and graphs reflecting the compiled statistics are also available using the program. Fifty-five (55) different individual player stats can be exported to Maxpreps in a couple of mouse clicks. HUDL users will find an easy-to-use data file that easily combines Statman data with your coach's play details to export to HUDL.

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Who will use Statman Football?
Many high school coaches/athletic directors/boosters/parents/students have purchased and used Statman. Also, a large number of high school TV/radio crews are customers. But, anyone from top level stat crews down to junior varsity level and below can use it.  All you need is a computer and an Excel program (it works best on a laptop or PC, but several users with Excel-enabled tablets have successfully run the program). Even mom & dad with a lap top could use Statman to keep stats on junior's Pop Warner game.  Or, the die-hard football fan could use this program while watching a game ... in person or on television.  You've seen baseball fans with scorebooks in hand.  Why not football?   You could use the program for flag football, or it could also be used by fantasy football players.  Many Statman users have told me that they kept the stats on paper (old habits were hard to break) and transferred them to the Excel file after the game.   For those users, I have included a printable sheet designed to write down the plays to be used for Statman.

Statman Football can be useful for your job as a football statistician, or could simply be an inexpensive hobby for the football fan.

Who developed Statman and why?
My name is Andrew Brady.  I have worked on the stat crew for all Florida State Seminole home football games since 1996.  My role on the stat crew is data entry.  Over the years, I have struggled with the statistics program used by FSU and many other colleges.  It looks and feels more like a DOS program than a windows-style application.  It is very difficult to use!   I have been able to recreate the same stats and more on my lap top using Statman. I received many compliments from the crew in the press box about the design and functionality of my program. I have previously used Statman for Florida State games, and for the Florida High School Football Championships. Using my program for all of these live football games has allowed me to continually improve the program.

But most of the recent development has been based on feedback and suggestions by my customers. I rely on you to provide feedback to help evolve the program into the most useful for the most people. I have had great regular customers and friends over the years, and my program has been used all over the world for various levels of football . . . including as a backup to the NFL proprietary in the press box, bowl games, state high school championships and more.

Does the program include season stats? Yes! For many years now, Statman has included a season stats package! Many Statman users are responsible for keeping stats at their local high school so I tend to gear the program to suit their needs.   The season statistics have been well-received from coaches and athletic directors and are very useful and easy to use. I continue to receive compliments on the ease of input and the functionality and appearance of the output files (testimonials).   Statman accumulates season statistics for up to 16 games! There is a schedule and results section that will help with game setup and allowing users to view/print season game results.

In 2018, we added a new file in the Statman suite called Season Record Book. This file processes all of the game files to determine season highs in a variety of categories for individuals and team, for both your team and your opponents.

What sort of stats does Statman keep for game and season?
I could list them, but it would be easier to put sample output reports on the web for you to browse.  Link below for samples of the reports that you will be able to produce using Statman Football.  I used the 2013 Florida State/Auburn National Championship game as my sample.

Game Stats
Individual Offense, Special Teams and Summary Defensive Stats - Our Team
Individual Offense, Special Teams and Summary Defensive Stats - Their Team
Game Summary screen shot  - this is what an additional monitor in the press box could display
Chalkboard screen shot  - another possibility for a second (or third) press box monitor
Scoring Summary
Game Play-by-Play Summary
Individual Defense - Our Team
Individual Defense - Their Team
Drive Chart
Sample MaxPreps Output File (TXT)
*Season Record Book
*Season Play Formation Analysis
*Season Points Leaders

Note:    Most season stats are presented in the same format and output as above, but are cumulative throughout the season. Exceptions are noted above with an asterisk. These are available only on the season stats or season record book file.

What is CoachStats?
Statman has Coachstats integrated into the software.   This feature will allow coaches/media/fans to track tendencies of playcalling for their team and their opponent for a game or season. By entering an offensive play formation, a rush/pass zone code for offensive plays and a ball spot prior to the snap, the program will track in detail the yards gained by zone, down and distance, game time/situation, offensive play formation, and short/wide field tendencies. Three sets of output pages are included: 1) Playsheet for your team and your opponent which will chart the yards gained and success rate by rush/pass zone; 2) Sortable play call sheet that allows the user to sort all plays by formation, down, yards gained, ball spot, or by pass/rush zone; and 3) detailed CoachStats summary comparison.   Link below for samples of the reports produced by CoachStats.

CoachStats Summary Our Team vs. Their Team comparison
Stategy Worksheet
Playsheet (CoachStats) - Our Team
Playsheet (CoachStats) - Their Team
Offensive Plays sorted by Yards Gained* (CoachStats) - Our Team
Offensive Plays sorted by Yards Gained* (CoachStats) - Their Team

*Alternatively, the plays can easily be sorted by ball spot, rush/pass zone, or by down and distance.

Note:    Season stats are presented in the same format and output as above, but are cumulative throughout the season.

Can I use the software to grade my offensive line?
Yes . . . Statman includes a comprehensive Offensive Line grading system.  Here's how it works:   During the game (or after the game), enter the plays and results as normal for Statman and Coachstats for the appropriate game file. During the film session, open the offensive line grading file and activate. The program will import all plays (description, ball spots, play zones, etc.).  Your opponent's possessions are shaded out for ease of use.  Input your starting line at the top of the sheet and begin grading while watching the film . . . it is that easy! You simply enter the number of your player(s) who does not complete a block (the default is completed block). Also, you can track pancake blocks, key blocks, 2nd block downfield . . . as well as sacks allowed and penalties. You can easily enter a substitute lineman.

The feature will tabulate and grade your line for the game . . . and season!

Offensive Line Grading - Output  - print the grades for the season, and all games played on one sheet.
Offensive Line Grading - Input  - note the detailed play recall, and the shaded opponent possessions.

How much does Statman Football cost?
Statman Football, complete with seventeen game files (includes a practice game file), the season statistics package, the integrated CoachStats feature (a $20 value), Maxpreps and HUDL compatibility, and the offensive line grading file, is only $50!   After purchase, you are free to use the program for your favorite team with no limit. A single game (media version) is also priced at $50. The single game file can be duplicated to suit your needs, but the season statistics are not tabulated automatically.  I accept PayPal or check.  Click here to order now (program can be downloaded from this site).  If you are not satisfied with Statman Football, let me know within 30 days, and I will return your money.

Can I try it before I buy it?
Yes, for a limited time, I'll make a trial version of Statman Football available. Everything will be the same in the trial version, except you will only be allowed to enter a maximum of 50 plays.

Click here for information on downloading the trial version.

Is Statman difficult to use?
No.  Statman is very user-friendly.  All instructions, helpful hints, and cheat sheets are included in the program ... but here's what you do in a nutshell:  Before the season begins, the statistician enters his team's name, roster and schedule. Before each game, he enters the opposition's name and roster.  Most of the work is done!  Throughout the game, the user simply enters the action (pass, run, etc.), the jersey number of the rusher (or passer & receiver), and the yard line advanced to.  Entering tacklers, ball spots, and pass/rush zones are optional, but after you develop a routine, you will find that this is easy to maintain.  At the end of each drive, the user enters the time remaining in the quarter.  When necessary, the user enters the yard kicked to and returned to ... on all kicks, punts, & turnovers.   If something isn't right (whether it's your error or just a very strange play), you can simply overwrite the formula in any field to make it right.  Other programs don't allow you this feature.  On those programs, the user is required to get it right in order to proceed.  This is how you fall behind. 

Want to see how easy Statman is? 
Click on the link below to see an example of the input that the user is required to submit.  You will be amazed at how simple it is!  It helps that Statman Football is based on a spreadsheet program that most people are already very familiar with. On the sample below, the gold cells are user entry, the grey are calculated, the blue and garnet are optional user entry.

Link to Sample input

How do I order Statman Football and what forms of payment do you accept?
I accept personal, school or business check (or money order, cashier's check), Paypal, and Venmo.  Please refer to the ordering page for more information and to order.  If you are ready to order with Paypal here are your options:

For Paypal users:

After payment, click "Continue to Merchant" and you will automatically be directed
to the download page.

What are the minimum requirements for my system to run this software?
It hasn't been tested on every operating class, but it should work fine with a processing speed of 333 mhz or better.   It will work with a PC or laptop using any Windows Excel Office package. It also works with Mac machines using Excel*.  Some users have successfully run the program on a handheld devise that has the Excel software loaded, though a laptop or PC is recommended.  Statman Football should be used by licensed owners of Excel (preferably Excel 2007 or later).  Each game file is approximately 3.1 megabytes in size after initiated and completed, about 1.3 before initialization. The season package includes 17 games (one practice) and is zipped to about 34.7 megabytes to download.

*The season stats version of Statman will not work properly with Excel for Mac 2008 because it does not support Excel macros (Visual Basic macros). However, earlier and later versions should work. Give the trial version a shot if you are not sure if Statman will work on your system.

© 2001-2021 Andrew Brady
The instruction manuals, hints, web pages, and programming of Statman Football is copyrighted and created by Oaken Enterprises. The original release date of Statman 2001 was July 26, 2001. Statman 2002 was completed and released on July 2, 2002.  Statman 2003 was completed and released on May 1, 2003.  Statman 2004 was completed and released on May 26, 2004.  Statman 2005 was completed and released on June 17, 2005.  Statman Hoops was completed and released on September 21, 2005.  Statman Hoops was completed and released on January 18, 2005.   Statman 2005 was completed and released on June 17, 2005.  Statman 2006 was completed and released on June 29, 2006.   Statman 2007 was completed and released on June 14, 2007.  Statman 2008 was completed and released on June 13, 2008.  Statman 2009 was completed and released on June 4, 2009.  Statman 2010 was completed and released on June 18, 2010.  Statman 2011 was completed and released on July 14, 2011.  Statman 2012 was completed and released on July 10, 2012.  Statman 2013 was completed and released on July 19, 2013.  Statman 2014 was completed and released on July 22, 2014.  Statman 2015 was completed and released on July 20, 2015.  Statman 2016 was completed and released on July 17, 2016. Statman 2017 was completed and released on July 23, 2017. Statman 2018 was completed and released on July 17, 2018. Statman 2019 was completed and released on July 10, 2019.  Statman 2020 was completed and released on July 29, 2020.  Statman 2021 was completed and released on July 14, 2021.  Please e-mail me for any questions, comments, or suggestions.